Hello online community,

We are here! It has been several months since we’ve logged in to this blog.  This long pause in blogging was not intentional and we didn’t even discuss taking a break…we just did.  Life has thrown us all kinds of curve balls in the last 3.5 months and this blog became less and less of a priority over that span of time.  The best part about this unintentional break is that we both didn’t really worry about it at all, which, if you know either of us well, says a lot about how much personal work and development we’ve been doing recently.

The blog has been sleeping, but we have been busy working behind the scenes of the internet world and not sharing out as much as we usually do.  We do have several draft post ideas half written and we are still doing hard and rewarding work in our respective classrooms; hopefully we will find the space and time to share out more as the school year’s end draws nearer.

That’s all for tonight! We just thought we should check in and say “HI” because our moms have been noticing our lack of posts lately.  Stay tuned for some more updates coming (hopefully) soon!