At this point probably everyone knows what’s going on in the world right now.  In the past 48 hours we have sent furious text messages back and forth with links to news clips, articles and Tweets; all the information we could ever possibly want is at our fingertips. Meaghan is really great at, and committed to, finding credible resources online that share world news items, so I always appreciate it when she sends her finds to me. We’re both carrying on with our weekends in our safe little corner of the world and feeling just not quite right about things. “What can we do?”, we’ve questioned each other.  “What do we say to our students?”, we’ve wondered out loud.  We decided that the first thing we wanted to do was acknowledge the world’s current unrest on our public space, this blog.  Our lifestyle mentors and inspirations, Liz Gilbert, Brene Brown, Glennon Doyle Melton and Jenn over at Cult of Pedagogy, have all spoken up and ACTED through their own public platforms.  Granted, all of those women are indeed American, but they all have worldwide audiences and they are making waves in their own way.  These women are being agents of change as I type this post and it’s really easy for us to feel like we can’t do anything because we are not American.  But we obviously know that belief is not true.  After some reflection and thoughts, we’ve decided to share on our blog what we can and are doing.

We are recommitting to our authentic voice on this blog and we are speaking our truth on our public platform even when it’s scary and vulnerable.  We don’t have a massive following, but we do have a following, and we feel it is important to share our voice and our beliefs based on what we feel is right. We believe in being positive leaders in our school community. How this looks in action: This post.  We will not be silent.

We are recommitting to our students and our communities, focusing on the struggles and injustices within our own schools and within our own city, because goodness knows…those injustices exist.  How this looks in action: When two new students, who happen to be Syrian refugees, start school tomorrow we will welcome them wholeheartedly into the classroom community.  We will seek to understand where they come from and we will rise up to do what is best for these children, while meeting them where they are at. How this looks in action: We will continue to discuss and implement digital citizenship programs and lessons within our respective schools in order to make sure students learn how to navigate social media and other online resources, responsibly. How this looks in action: We will stop a colleague on the street to engage in a face-to-face discussion about a student of concern and consider adaptations that might be best for the student.

We are recommitting to our personal practices of wellness.  We know that in order to be effective and efficient positive leaders we need to well within ourselves. How this looks in action: We exercise, we eat well, we sleep well, we meditate, we journal and we unplug when we feel the need.  We will continue to seek the positive moments, even if they are small and seemingly insignificant, because we know these small positive things will keep us afloat in such terrifying, uncertain times.

Daily positive moments from January – almost full!

Thank you for allowing us to share our commitments to making the world a better place on our public space.  We may be only two young teachers who happen to live very safe and privileged lives, but we are two.  And we are working incredibly hard to make long lasting, positive change.