Welcome to our first online book club meeting!

BookClubWe hope you enjoyed reading “The Spark” by Kristine Barnett and we thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments with us here today. Before we dive into the questions please take a moment to read through our online book club guidelines:

1. Please read other comments before adding your own to create a dialogue (unless, of course, you are first!)

2. Check back once or twice (or more!) to add to the conversation.

3. Keep all comments and discussions respectful – We love differences in opinion!

You may respond to any or all of the questions and add your own thoughts and opinions as well. Use the comment section to start your reply to the questions.

  • First off, did you enjoy the book?
  • Did you gain any insights that will have an impact your teaching/parenting/childcare?
  • What are your thoughts on Kristine’s persistence, efforts, and determination?
  • What do you think about making important decisions based on maternal (or teacher’s) instinct?
  • As a teacher, what part(s) of this story were most relevant to you and your practice?
  • What audience do you think would benefit most from reading the book?

Thank you for participating! The next book will be announced on Friday so stay tuned.