When I was nine years old I became a rhythmic gymnast.  Pre-gymnastics I figure skated and did jazz and ballet.  Post-gymnastics I did musical theater and began coaching.  Last year I completed my yoga teacher training.  At the ripe age of 26 I can confidently say that rhythmic gymnastics/dance/movement has been part of my life for seventeen years, so you can imagine my sheer excitement when I landed my first ever teaching contract as the dance teacher at an amazing middle school!

Here I am at 14 or 15, doing my thing during one of my favourite clubs routines at Nationals.

My experience as a middle school dance teacher has been one of the most engaging, inspiring and energizing experiences of my life thus far.  It is so incredible to witness my students learning about themselves kinesthetically.  I have always been a firm believer in multiple intelligences and differentiated instruction; however, having the dance studio as my classroom this year has further solidified what I believe to be pedagogically true.  In a few short months I have witnessed academically low students take huge leadership risks and roles in the studio.  I have seen the kids who think they “aren’t good at anything” become star dancers and choreographers.  I even managed to convince two groups of students that they indeed were good enough to perform in front of the whole school (a big deal for middle schoolers!) and man, did they ever enjoy that entire experience!

Getting our Time Warp on!
Getting our Time Warp on!

*confession: one of my life dreams was to either be present when a flash mob occurred OR take part in a flash mob.  My grade 7s were well aware of this little dream of mine, so for my 26th birthday gift my students and I prepared a flash mob.  My incredible admin team arranged an assembly and did we ever flash mob during that assembly! Shout out to my 7s for making my dreams come true on my birthday!

I plan to rave some more about my studio and my students because I just love my job and my life at school! Stay tuned for more amazing stories from the studio; there are guaranteed to be at least three new ones this week 🙂



Do you have any “secret” life dreams?

Do you plan differentiated instruction based lessons? If so, what are your favourites?

Just love my "classroom"!
Just love my “classroom”!