Meaghan always finds the best things on the internet.  A few weeks ago while Meaghan was Google searching advisory ideas for her class, she came across an incredible American program for educators involving mindfulness, yoga and hip hop.  Because she knows me well, Meaghan immediately sent me the link to the program via text message and I promptly spent the next 90 minutes poring over their website (thankfully it was my daughter’s nap time!)

If you’re like me, you might be thinking right now, “Holllld up – mindfulness, yoga and…hip hop?!”  Yep.  Check it out HERE!  JusTme, a mindful rapper from California, has partnered with Breathe for Change, the program Meaghan unearthed on Google, and together with other experts in the field of mindfulness and yoga they have created what I think is an incredible program for educators grades K-12.

In short, Breathe for Change is essentially a 200 hour yoga teacher training and wellness program specifically created for educators. The idea is that through the duration of the course educators learn: how to teach yoga, how to incorporate mindfulness practice(s) in their pedagogy and how to implement wellness practices in to their own lives. At the end of the course educators are trained ambassadors of Breathe for Change’s program and then head back to their respective schools to change the world one more day at a time.  Check out their short video HERE.

Now for the very exciting news! In summer 2017 I am going to Wisconsin to participate in Breathe for Change’s summer intensive yoga and wellness training program for educators! After Meaghan discovered this program and I read through their entire website, I engaged in a week’s worth of discussion with my

6am phone interview!
6am phone interview!

husband, my mom, a few close friends and some key people at Breathe for Change.  I decided to apply for the summer 2017 training.  My application was “passed” pretty quickly and the other day I had a 6am phone interview with Angie, from B4C in Wisconsin. This morning I woke up to an email in my inbox confirming my acceptance in to the program! Things have developed quite quickly, but I always think that when something is a right fit everything seems to fall right into place without issue.

I am so excited to be part of this incredible opportunity because it aligns so wonderfully with the intentions and goals I have set for myself and my professional development for the next five (ish) years.  More details on those plans to come…

Now, does anyone want to come with me!? Apply NOW because the “early bird” rate is only valid until the end of November! Check out the application package HEREKarley.