Last night I had the incredible opportunity to attend a special viewing of “Girl Rising” with one of the most inspirational, generous and “game changing” teachers I know (she also happens to be my former practicum teacher – lucky me!)  Take a moment to watch the trailer for the film before reading the rest of this post.

I’ve watched the trailer about ten times since yesterday and each time my entire body crawls with goosebumps, my eyes fill with tears and my bottom lip trembles while I try to hold back those tears.  10×10 has created a magnificent film with the help of World Vision and other NGOs.  The stories the nine girls have to share are, unfortunately, not unique portrayals of everyday life for women in the developing world.  Despite this fact, these stories bring hope, power and perseverance to the forefront of my mind.

Human rights has always been one of my “extracurricular” passions.  I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t curious about civilian lives during a war, genocide or local uprising.  I’ve used this passion to help drive my teaching and my learning for many, many years.  I could talk at length about human rights and the phenomenal worldwide initiatives that inspire me, but for now I’ll leave you with “Girl Rising”.

For more information about “Girl Rising”, its directors and producers, its writers, World Vision and the nine girls presented in this film, click HERE.

PS – The writer for Sokha’s segment (the young girl from Cambodia) is Loung Ung.  Read more about Loung Ung at our newest “Book Tale” here.