In line with yesterday’s post, my boyfriend Ryan decided that since he is “so good with words” (i.e. massively overuses the thesaurus) he would like to write a guest post for us today in poetry format. Please enjoy his rendition of “Theo thy Saurus.”


Theo-Saurus you are my friend. companion

With you, I’ve re-written essays again and again.

You help me when I have nothing new to add. append

And I’ve tricked all my teachers since I was a young lad –

Because I’m quite sure that all of them said:

“His vocabulary is robust, he must be well-read.”

Oh Theo-Saurus, with your neck so long, extended

Your words are rarely every wrong. immoral

With you I learned to shovel the shit, feces

And once I started, I could not quit:

I highly recommend Theo-Saurus to all,

And I greatly endorse his words, big and small. diminutive