Pirate Karley and Panda Bear Meaghan

So we made it! Energy was high, excitement was in the air, candy was everywhere… It was fun and crazy and very, very busy! We both had dress up days for Halloween at school and the middle school dance. Some of the costumes I saw were so funny, scary and creative – I loved them! Karley and I had fun ourselves getting dressed up this year. Karley with an awesome pirate costume and myself with a panda bear outfit. Halloween was a lot of fun this year for us and we hope yours was too!

Hard at work with a little incentive!

If you didn’t catch Karley’s post on Tuesday here it is. Halloween can be a really fun time at school but it’s also hard to keep kids on task. I decided to use candy to continue our math unit on percents. It worked really well because they couldn’t eat their candy until they were done the sheet… hehehe! The kids were thankful for the treats and did a really good job on the assignment.

You can get a copy of the assignment for free here!