Something happened yesterday that I can’t tell you the details of because A. My rule of thumb when blogging is to not post while I’m still upset and B. I know you don’t want to read a whiney teacher post anyways.

Today I don’t like my job. Today I don’t want to do it. Today I feel upset, frustrated, sad, disappointed, and angry when I think about teaching.

I think it’s easy for us to blog about our great moments, our happy times, and it’s becoming easier to blog about the “was sad but now it’s all good” realities of teaching. But sometimes it’s not all rainbows and sunshine.

It was a professional development day in our district today which, even as an unpaid substitute teacher, usually means I’m at a workshop or meeting and learning about teaching. And usually I LOVE it! Today I had planned (and paid!) to go to a conference that I’ve always loved with some lovely teacher friends that I rarely get to see. But last night I decided that I needed a day where I didn’t think about teaching.

So here are some of the things I did on my anti-teaching day:

1. I slept in until 8:45! Just in time for…

2. Watching the men’s Canadian hockey team win the semifinal game against the US… Gold medal match here we come!

3. Then I got caught up on some personal emails I’ve been meaning to answer and never seem to have time for.

4. I went for a run and didn’t worry about mileage, time, pace or anything! That felt so good!

5. I caught an earlier ferry than planned to go visit a good friend for the weekend… Extra time together? So good! Blogging from my “ocean view” window seat? Even better!

So my “anti-teaching day” has been good for my body, mind and soul.

And maybe today I don’t like my job. Maybe I don’t want to do it. Maybe I still feel upset, frustrated, sad, disappointed, and angry when I think about teaching…

But that’s OKAY! And by Monday I will love it again…

Just have to take the ups with the downs (Or the rain with the sunshine) and know that it will get better on the other side… We will see that rainbow eventually!

What are your “go to” ways to deal with disappointment/frustration?