Hi everyone (specifically those of you in SD61),

This is a promotional post for my school’s Jr. Musical, The Lion King.  I just got home from opening night and felt I should share on the blog about the show.  First of all, I got teary eyed several times.  Yep – seriously.  There is nothing like seeing “your kids” shine up on stage and truly own their role.  Because I teach the entire student population I got the “extra” gift of knowing every single student in the show! It was so neat to see each performer come to life in a way I sometimes don’t necessarily get to see in the day to day life at school.  The performing arts are such a unique and important part of a school culture because students get the opportunity to become part of a tightly knit school community in a way they may not have experienced before.  Every single student I saw perform tonight put hours and hours into the preparation of this show and, as one of their teachers, it is so gratifying to see their hard work pay off in such an enjoyable and authentic manner.

Of course the staff and parents involved in the show’s creation, from start to finish, also work super hard! 

Some of my favourite parts of the show include:

-the giraffe costumes (long necks and legs!)
-the background dancers/singers (such beautiful and subtle choreography and voices)
-Pumba and Timone (so well cast, these two individuals are the same characters in real life)
-the lead roles’ singing! Amazing!
-the antelope (antelope?) in the stampede…incredible mask artwork and interesting stampede choreography for such a small stage space
-the hyenas (also brilliantly cast) were hilariously on point
-simple props on stage really allowed for the acting, singing and dancing to light up the theatre

I felt I should let you all know to go see The Lion King at Spectrum’s theatre on Friday or Saturday evening (May 26th and 27th). Tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for students.  This middle school production is pretty fantastic!

Well done, Shoreline! You are all so wonderful!