Well if you are in our district you already know this but this week was all about JOBS!

Our round of open postings closed last Thursday and it has been a fury of phone calls, texts, emails, and Facebook posts ever since. And in the wake of it we each have some news for you!

Meaghan’s Job News

Since I have one more year of my Masters degree my goal with my job applications was a grade 6 job. (Teach the same grade two years in a row?! Is that a thing people do?) Well I ended up with a full time continuing grade 6 job at one of my top picks for schools. I know quite a few of the staff I will be working with and I just know it is the perfect fit for me next year. I am feeling so lucky and I really just can’t believe it! I have some big goals for my class next year and all of the things I’ll be able to do since I’ve already had a crack at the grade 6 curriculum. There has been a lot of dreaming in my head of the changes I want to make in my teaching practice based on some of the experiences I’ve had this year. Stay tuned for an end of year post of my favourite things from this year!

The one downside being that I really, really love the school I’m at this year and saying goodbye is hard… But that’s just life isn’t it?

Karley’s Job News

My plan for the 2017/2018 school year was to stay in the current contracts I have.  One of my contracts this year was a temporary job, but it was posted as a continuing contract this round so I applied for it and I got it! I am so happy to be the official dance teacher at the high school I work at and I am really looking forward to developing our small, but amazing, program.  The high school students I worked with this year were such dedicated individuals and I can’t wait to carry on teaching them in September!

The plot twist in my plan came into place on June 1st, when I noticed a dance/music job was posted at an elementary school very close to my house.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to leave my middle school to dive into the elementary world, but I decided to apply for the posting anyhow.  I ended up being the most senior/qualified applicant, so I also got that continuing contract! Now I am an elementary (K-5) and high school (9-12) dance (and elementary music) teacher in a .92 continuing contract! I can’t believe it’s only been five years since I graduated from university and now I am in an almost full time continuing job that I LOVE.  Life is good.


Congratulations to all the teachers out their landing in new roles and receiving that official continuing job! It’s exciting times in this province and we are so grateful to be a part of it.