Teaching is relationship.

This is what we believe. This is why we do this job.
This is what we work at day in and day out from the moment those students walk in the door in September.

And then it’s June.

And you feel like you’ve been hit from behind.

Emotions are running wild.
You’re happy and sad at the same time.
You’re longing for break but the thought of saying goodbye seems so hard.

You are forced to look ahead to the next year and start thinking about new schools, new classrooms, new students, but you are also trying to soak up every last minute with your students. Your students are starting to push the limits a little more, listen a little less, and sometimes they appear to be intentionally driving you crazy. But these are the students that you have tirelessly worked to understand and respect and get to know.

Karley’s Thoughts

Nothing can prepare me for June. The month of June always seems to drag along slowly, but then suddenly the entire school year is over in the blink of an eye.  Ten months of the year are full on with school, students, relationships, shared struggles and triumphs and then suddenly…they’re done, all because the month of June ends.  The end of a school year is, for me, a grieving process. The goodbyes, the transition, the mental/physical/emotional/spiritual sheer exhaustion takes a toll on me. And then the fact that this year I am moving schools again is a whole different reason to grieve (although this move was my choice, and not just because my contract ended). So I sit here tonight on the last day of June entirely depleted.  I have cried so hard today and my heart has been full of love and sadness all at the same time.  June sucks, in more ways than one. Soldier on, warrior educators.

Meaghan’s Thoughts

Every year this is the hardest part of the job. Saying goodbye. Forever, really. Besides the occasional run in at the mall or an email years later, this is the last time I will get to really see and connect with these kids of mine. It seems so unfair when you have put so much heart and soul into every relationship you have built. It’s the time of year when I start to question everything – Did I do enough? Did I try enough? Did I notice enough?

It’s heartbreaking on so many levels. And yet this is it. We do it every year because with that heartbreak comes a pretty incredible experience to have an influence on the life of a child for ten months. It is worth it, I know it is. We are so lucky to have a job that makes goodbyes hard.

But it sure does sneak up on me every year –

An Emotional Sucker Punch!