Hi everyone! I apologize for the extra late post tonight…I’ve had quite the busy day today (like you’ve ever heard that excuse before, hey?) and I’m just getting to this week’s Teach it Tuesday now.

In case you are like me and forgot…Hallowe’en is coming up this Thursday.  Over the past few days a fun little song has been making the Facebook rounds among my people and I thought it appropriate to share with you all on here as well.  Check it out:

You can also read the history of the song, written by Matt Maxwell, here.

Now, I must admit, I am a newbie to this song (remember, the only French experience I really have is from La Maison Francaise this past summer) so tonight I spent a few minutes whipping up some vocab with corresponding drawings (don’t judge) to cut out and mix n’ match with my grade 8s tomorrow (Hallowe’en dance is taking place of our French blocks on Thursday, hence this lesson happening tomorrow).  I will cut out the strips of words and drawings and give one to each student.  I hope to have the students match the word with the proper drawing by getting up and moving around to find their “partner”.  After we figure out the vocab for the song, we are going to listen to the song and then I will read them the history that goes along with the song.  A simple lesson, but interactive and hopefully fun!

That one in the bottom left is supposed to be a "wicked mind"...I know, I know.
That one in the bottom left is supposed to be a “wicked mind”…I know, I know.

Feel welcome to share your uses of this song in your classroom, or any other Hallowe’en ideas/activities/lessons you have planned!  Also, please do share any superhero or villain costume ideas I can create in one day.  Yep, that’s right, my school’s doing a theme costume thing this year and just like every year, I’ve left my costume choice to the bitter end.