In November 2016 we were both lucky enough to snag an August 2017 entrance into SeaWheeze, lululemon’s super fun  and scenic half-marathon.  While we co-write a blog and furiously text back and forth on the daily, we rarely get to spend quality one-on-one friend time together.  Thanks to SeaWheeze we had a full 24 hours (and 21.1 kilometers) to catch up in person!  Here are a few fun shots that weekend’s adventure.


The SeaWheeze backdrops this year were gorgeous.

Meaghan contributing to the community fibre art project.
The very cool mandala tent over the meditation/foam roller station in Jack Poole Plaza.


Community yoga with 600+ people! Amazing!
Around the 16k mark at Lion’s Gate Bridge (connecting Stanley Park and North Vancouver). I always get emotional when I first spot the bridge along this route because just across the water is where my high-risk baby was born. Thanks to Meaghan for capturing this memory for me.


We did it! Both of us were undertrained and slightly injured so we decided our mantra was, “just run, don’t race”.  We ran slowly, stuck to our run/walk intervals and adjusted them at 11k as our bodies started to fatigue.  We took care of ourselves during the run and we finished super strong! What a fantastic friend-date weekend – can’t wait for next year!  Thanks lululemon and SeaWheeze.