Hey everyone! I am back from San Francisco a few shades redder than before I left…don’t worry, my German skin has turned most of that red into a tan.  I didn’t realize how much I needed a vacation until I was out of Victoria and on a gorgeous, sunny, sand dune of a beach in California.  The four very full days with our dear friends was exactly what I needed in order to launch my Spring Break 2014.


It feels weird to be blogging about something that will not have any mention of the “T” word (I’ll say it once to make sure we’re all on the same page: teaching).  Instead, be prepared for somewhat of a gallery walk through a few highlights of our trip to SF.

First of all, the ONLY song that comes to my mind when I think of going to California is the theme song from The OC (yep – that was my generation of teen TV).  I’ve posted a random video from YouTube below in case you feel like you need a soundtrack to go with the following photos.

We flew to SF Friday night and got in pretty late, but we were up early Saturday morning and hit the beach near Monterey.  Confession: As cheesy as it may sound, long walks on the beach are one of my top five most favourite things to do.

cali9 (1)

Just look at how glorious this sand dune beach is!! Most of my photos of Joel are from my phone…pictures of him taking pictures.


We are usually quite the experts at self-timer jumping photos, but this time around we failed pretty miserably.  I chose to post this one because of my superb timing and the others’ extreme confusion.


It was really important to our friend, Nicole, that we experience our first ever Jamba Juice.  So we did in Santa Cruz.  Deeee-lish.


It was also really important that we visit a Crate & Barrel because we don’t have one on the Island (although some Googling tells me there are TWO in the Vancouver area!)  Crate & Barrel goes down in history as the “only home decor store that [Joel] like[s] because everything is well made and put together” (i.e. made from real wood and priced accordingly).  Here we are, casually pretending like this was our own co-family living room.  We talked a lot about becoming a co-family on this vacation.  Ha.


Showing off how steep the streets of SF actually are with some sweet camera tricks.  Notice the tank top? I got a sweet sunburn line that day.

cali9 (3)

Glorious palm trees.  I could walk under them forever.


Another “must do” – eat the $10 salted caramel and chocolate sundae from Ghiradelli’s.  It was entirely worth it.  I shared with Joel, for once.


We enjoyed every moment of our action packed four day vaca in California with our lovely friends.  We did spend time in the city as well, but everyone knows what the Golden Gate bridge looks like, hence no posted photos.

A few other highlights I didn’t manage to capture on camera include: running in a tank and shorts (!), purchasing new Oakleys, every restaurant we went to, staying up late because we had so much do to and then waking up relatively early because we still had so much to do, a free community yoga class at lululemon (can never keep me away) and, last but certainly not least, planning our next adventure with our friends…potentially in Prague! *note: now that it’s mentioned on the internet it has to happen.

cali9 (2)
Breathing in the warm sea salt air as the sun goes down. California, we love you.