Most bloggers post classroom tours in August or September but at Tale of Two Teachers we believe in keeping things realistic for our readers and I did not have my act together to post anything about my classroom before November… So here you go!

When you come in here… you feel welcome, loved and ready to learn. 

This was my one and only goal this year in setting up my room. I don’t use a theme. I don’t follow the “rules” about minimalism or colour or perfect organization. This was my only goal and although I’m still working out some kinks, a class environment is more than the space and I feel that I’m meeting my goal in many ways.

Tables for working and lots of space for our morning talking circles
Our Cozy Book Nook
Global Read Aloud board with postcards from other classes
First People’s Principles of Learning and Reminders board
They aren’t neat but they are full of learning!
Our organization board for FreshGrade portfolios – a work in progress
Our caricatures and symbol names from the first week – So much fun!
Our Learning Targets and Essential Questions
Growth Mindset Board – A classroom essential!

It’s not perfect but it works!

I love my room, the giant space, tons of bulletin boards and beautiful windows. Our space is about being welcome and loved and about learning.

My bulletin boards aren’t straight, and it drives me crazy about 50% of the time. But we are using them for our learning and I don’t have time to fix them right now.

My book bins aren’t labeled and my categories are all messed up. But kids are reading like crazy and talking about the books they’ve read.

My tables are now in rows instead of groups. But we are focused during quiet work time and spend plenty of time up and moving with partners and working with partners/groups.

And that’s our classroom!